Friday, November 27, 2009

Prosecutor - The Leech Vs Defendant -The Human

The head or rather the king of all leeches was fed up of the injustice happening to his community (leech community) and went to the court of Youth for Animals to petition his case against humans. The case being – Humans are murderers and kill those who even help them out.

The YFA court was filled half with leeches and half with humans. The prosecutor (leech lawyer) started his argument by stating “We leeches are not harmful; when we bite no one feels a thing...”. 

But before he could finish his opening statement the inhuman human lawyer gets up from his chair and argues “why do they even have to bite humans, can’t they feed on other species?” 

For which the prosecutor said “Could you please let me finish and not intervene? You humans do it every time, just like the way you intervene and pull us off from your skins and kill us, not realizing the fact that you’ll are damaging our lives but also your skin”.
The Human lawyer went back to his chair with no more words coming out of his mouth.

The leech re-started his statement “Why can’t you people be patient, and let us suck only the bad blood out of you which we usually do. This is only good for you and us” the leech now looked at the human lawyer and said “and by the way Mr. Human FYI we feed 90% of the time on other species. And here is another piece of information - For centuries, leeches were a common tool of doctors, who believed that many diseases were the result of "imbalances" in the body that could be stabilized by releasing blood. For example, leeches were sometimes attached to veins in the temples to treat headaches. Advances in medical knowledge led doctors to abandon bloodletting and the use of leeches in the mid-nineteenth century. In recent years, however, doctors have found a new purpose for leeches--helping to restore blood circulation to grafted or severely injured tissue.”

Now the lawyer becomes defensive and asks “How should we know, if you are sucking bad blood or good blood?”

The leech for which replied in a raised voice “what difference does it make? It should not really matter, cause humans need new blood cells to be formed every now and then and with us sucking your bad or good blood you will obviously have more room for new blood to start flowing.”

“Didn’t your Biology teacher ever explain it to you?” said the leech sarcastically.

The Lawyer bowed down in shame. 

And the leech continued “if you humans are really irritated with us then please do take precautions. One recommended method of removal is using a fingernail to break the seal of the oral sucker at the anterior end (the smaller, thinner end) of the leech, repeating with the posterior end, and then flicking the leech away. As the fingernail is pushed along the person's skin against the leech, the suction of sucker's seal is broken, at which point the leech should detach its jaws”

The Human Lawyer had already accepted defeat, as the leech looked at the human section of the audience assembled at the Court of YFA and said “Please O please people, have some courtesy.”
Pointing towards the leech crowd he continued “consider us as your friends, your well wishers and wish well for us, the way we do for you. Please save us and don’t squish us. Thank you”

With this the whole YFA court was overwhelmed and stood up to clap.

The judge took a moment to announce his decision, “Leeches have helped us and so should we. Friends, colleagues and fellow leeches; we humans vow to be more courteous and take all the necessary steps and precautions that help both of us to co-exist and live and love each other.”
The entire court applauded in a joint tone and a resolution was found.
Concept: Raghu, Ashwin & Sharath.
Author: Kailash.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Killing Monkeys!! - not the right way out

Recently, there was news of monkeys being killed in Coorg and the cause of this killing was plain menace generated by these animals. We Hindus, praise monkeys as Incarnations of Lord Hanuman and contrastingly kill the same belief by taking to murdering the same monkeys. Incidentally, there were monkeys on the street who were mourning and crying the death of their chums which was overwhelming for a few who witnessed it.

A literal shame on those who, with absolutely zero respect to let alone the monkeys but to Lord Hanuman whom we worship resorted to this act of ceasing monkey lives. The fact that these monkeys were creating havoc in human life could be handled in better ways rather than opting to kill them and become murderers.

YFA Solution: People need to be educated on how monkey menace can be handled with minimum or zero violence. Appropriate fencing in areas where there exists abundance of monkeys; capturing them and later letting them free in areas appropriate for their living, etc.

May there exist some sense and a lot of peace ubiquitously!

Concept: Ashwin Hegde

Author: Kailash Murthy

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Rat that died and changed our lives

It was a gloomy Saturday evening, which Ashwin and I were enjoying by hanging out at one of our favorite spots that has access to a lot of pet animals (because of the presence of a Veterinary Clinic nearby). We adored and pampered many pets as and when they entered the clinic. Meanwhile, Ashwin spotted a helpless rat trying to cross the road which was hampered by fast moving vehicles. Our attempt to save it, was paused for half a minute and this negligence let the rat run over by a car.

The guilt that hit us was not just the killing of this rat that we could have easily stopped, but also the fact of our failure in saving two other animals previously (a dog and a snake from a snake charmer). Hence, we have initiated YFA (Youth For Animals) in order to create awareness of the importance of lives and saving them would not require a degree in rocket science.

Go ahead people! Make a difference. Be human and save lives.

Author: Kailash Murthy